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Recommended by pediatricians, our 3-step process, including our exclusive warm air technology, is 99%+ effective in killing both lice and their eggs. Call now to speak with one of our lice specialists to learn more about our treatment options.


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My worst nightmare came true, head lice 🙁 Since I was in panic mode, my sister found a few lice removal services. Once I narrowed it down to this specific removal method, I called them all. From the three different places I called, Jackie was by far the most understanding person from them all. She answered ALL of my questions, believe me, I had plenty! Booked an appointment. The place is gorgeous, the personnel is fantastic, but most importantly, their method works!!! It is $195, but it is worth every single penny. Although the head lice were gone for good, my worries were not. I must have called them 3 times after the service. They took all my calls, and again answered all my questions and eased my worries. Lovely people to work with in such horrible circumstances. I highly recommend it, although, I sure hope you do not ever have to deal with this nightmare more than once in a lifetime.*

NadiaChicago, IL

The staff makes a terrible situation that much easier. No one wants to hear about having lice, getting lice, anything about lice. They are professional and calm your anxiety about it. They make it relaxing if you can believe it! The salon is immaculate, trendy and comfortable. They are great with kids. The process is all natural, which is a great way of avoiding pesticides with your kids.Though I hope to never go back, I would recommend them to anyone and everyone!!*

MeganPalos Park, IL

Amazing staff and amazing results!!! Seems expensive but it’s not if you figure you would spend $20 a box on over the counter crap for 21 days PLUS 1-2 hours of your time per day. So worth the money!!!! Same day service too!!*

EricaChicago, IL

Head Lice Treatment Services

We end the nightmare of lice by dehydrating lice and their eggs in one easy treatment. Our FDA-cleared† AirAllé (Air uh-lay) technology is recommended by the American Academy of Pediatrics* because it works.

We know you are busy and we know you want to be free of the nightmare of lice so we offer a single, one visit treatment. Our clinic is clean and our staff is friendly. Kids love us! SEE VIDEO

Our treatment is completely pesticide free and even kills Super Lice. Call us today to get lice advice or to book an appointment.


Learn more about our revolutionary process.

Lice Removal Services


The affected person and all family members should be thoroughly screened to find evidence of lice or eggs. Screening all members of the family is crucial to prevent re-infestation.


After screening, the trained clinician will provide a clear diagnosis of the level of infestation, so you know exactly what you are dealing with and which treatment options are available to you.


Depending on your infestation level and your budget considerations, we will determine the best treatment option for you. Our goal is to ensure your family is lice free.

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